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One of the main aims of Jubilee Food Hub is making sure our customers not only enjoy the most delicious, sustainably-sourced produce possible, but also that they get to know about the people who grow, rear, and produce the foods and drinks we supply.

We are starting small and gradually adding to the range of produce we offer. Our aim is to work with farmers who are regenerating the soil, caring for the creatures they farm, while also moulding models of enterprise that restore dignity to farmers for the hugely important role they have in all our lives. We are also committed to the welfare of our own city and choose to work with local independent producers who are building our local economy. Here we give you a snapshot of the first bunch of our wonderful producers and the places from which their produce comes…

Stream Farm

Voted ‘Best Local Meat’ by the Bristol public for three years running, Stream Farm is now very well-known in the city. Started by James and Henrietta Odgers (with no previous farming experience!), it has been a stepping stone for many people to get into farming by learning on the job under the share-farming model they have pioneered. Having been involved for many years now with Stream Farm, and the Odgers family, this has a very special place in our hearts… and it helps that the produce is second-to-none!

Produce summary

Organic Chickens, Organic Eggs, Organic Dexter Beef, Organic Hampshire Down Lamb, Organic Large Black Pork, Organic Apple Juice, Stream-fed Rainbow Trout - fresh and/or oak-smoked.

Hart's Bakery

Hart's Bakery is probably the most famous of Bristol's bakeries and we are extremely pleased to be able to deliver their amazing bread to our customers! They are an artisan bakery based out of a Victorian railway arch at Temple Meads station. 

Produce summary

White Sourdough, Wholemeal and Sesame loaf, Malted wheat, Super Seedy, Rye Sourdough, Good Loaf.

Bruton Dairy

All of Bruton Dairy’s Organic milk is sourced from the Godminster dairy herd, Godminster Manor Farm, which is the neighbouring farm to the dairy - a mere 0.3 miles away. Godminster are world famous for their range of cheeses and the organic milk and cream from the same herd are simply delicious. We particularly love the creaminess of the Bruton Whole Milk!

Produce summary

Organic Whole Milk, Organic Semi-Skimmed Milk, Organic Cream (single or double)

Ivy House Dairy

Ivy House Dairy produces a range of delicious products from the organic milk of their Jersey cows. It’s a firm favourite among foodies far and wide. We visited the farm a few years back when some friends had their wedding on site and couldn’t resist buying a LOT of their milk. It is unhomogenised, creamy and delicious. We are offering their milk in glass bottles, as well as their organic butter.

Produce summary

Organic Jersey Whole Milk, Organic Jersey Semi-skimmed Milk, Organic Jersey Skimmed Milk, Organic Jersey Cream Butter (salted or unsalted)

The Earth Beneath Our Feet

The Earth Beneath Our Feet makes small batches of beautiful wine in South Africa. When ex-Stream Farmer Sam moved from Somerset to South Africa, his mission was to empower small-scale grape growers. Influenced by his 3 years working at Stream Farm, Sam has created a model which sees individual growers managing their own small vineyard. Every wine released reflects the story of a grower and their vineyard - the details of which are listed on the label.

Growers are paid according to the value of their harvest, as well as receiving a royalty on their wine when it sells. Sam explains "the oldest truth in this business is that great wine starts in the vineyard, so it makes sense for us to reward the hardworking and talented growers behind our wines properly". We love seeing how this project is not just building the financial security of grape growers, but returns to them the dignity and ownership that has been lost over many years of injustice and poverty.

Working on such a small scale makes it possible to take maximum care in the vineyard and Sam is working towards building growers' understanding of the vineyard ecosystem and organic/regenerative farming practices. As a result these wines sing of the local terroir from which they come.

Produce summary

Pinotage 2012, Syrah 2016, Blanc 2020

Extract Coffee

Since moving to Bristol we have been obsessed with the coffee these guys produce, and we’ve seen them go from supplying just a few cafes in the city to all the best in town! We’ve got to know them well and even been for an early morning coffee rave in the roastery - good times! Our particular favourite is the organic espresso and we are now offering that for delivery through the food hub.

Produce summary

Organic Espresso (beans or ground - cafetiere/espresso/filter) - 1kg or 250g bag.

Extract also produce a range of other coffees (including decaf) which we can supply - contact us for more information.

Bath Soft Cheese

Bath Soft Cheese is not just soft cheeses! The soft cheese is admittedly amazing - a step up from Brie we think - but they produce a lovely selection including their multi-award winning Bath Blue, and the utterly delicious Wyfe of Bath. The cheeses are made using Park Farm’s organic milk and they have a lovely cafe and shop based between Bristol and Bath which is well worth a visit - you can also see the cows being milked too if you want! We are excited to be supplying their ranges of cheeses through our hub.

Produce summary

Kelston Park Brie, Bath Blue, Wyfe of Bath, Bath Soft Cheese

Step and Stone

Step and Stone is a Bristol-based bakery that makes handmade lavosh flatbreads. It is co-directed by one of our long-term Stream Farm customers - Jane Chong - so we are really excited about supplying their products! Step and Stone works with young people with learning disabilities, helping to develop their skills and confidence so they can eventually find employment in the mainstream catering world. They produce the most delicious, organic lavosh flatbreads with a variety of flavours - a perfect crispy snack or ideal for pairing with a tasty cheese and some wine!

Produce summary

Six superb flavours:

Classic, Poppyseed, Rosemary & Seasalt, Seaweed, Sesame, Smoked Paprika & Cayenne

Wiper and True

Wiper and True were starting out when we first began selling Stream Farm produce in Bristol, so we often hit the same markets together. We think of ourselves as ‘early adopters’ of their beers which have now taken Bristol by storm, and now also many parts of the UK. We are based only a stones throw from their brewery and can highly recommend a visit - for a beer or a tour of how it all works (not sure if this is happening under covid restrictions)

Produce summary


Kaleidoscope, Sundance IPA, Small Beer, Milkshake

Plus Specials and Seasonal Beers

440ml Cans (or cases of 12)

Lye Cross Farm

I am offering just one of the cheeses produced by Lye Cross (which is bigger than most of my suppliers), and it is the milk they use for it that I care most about. The milk for this cheese is sourced from two particularly special dairy farms - Batch End Farm near Weston in Somerset and Horton House Farm in Wiltshire. Both these farms follow regenerative, low-input methods, with one milking per day, and absolutely no soya or grains fed to the cows. They are leading lights among the Pasture For Life certified farms.

Produce summary

Lye Cross Organic 100% Grass-fed Cheddar - 200g pack

GingerBeard’s Preserves

Harry, who runs GingerBeard’s Preserves (and has a ginger beard!), lives in Bristol and started this business a few years back, mainly selling at markets - which is where we met him! He now supplies many of Bristol’s finest delis and shops so you may have come across some of his goodies before. We will add more to the selection offered (do let me know special requests), but for starters I have four of his best-sellers which we think you will love:

Produce summary

Seville Orange Marmalade, Blackberry Jam, Apricot & Vanilla Jam

Chipotle Ketchup, Milk Stout Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Original Mango Chutney, Original Lime Pickle

Edible Futures

Edible Futures is a CSA Market Garden founded on the principles of food sovereignty by a friend of ours, Humphrey Lloyd. They grow salad, herbs and vegetables over two sites at Grow Wilder in Frenchay and at Lilliput Farm near Wick. All the produce is grown without chemicals and under systems that maximise biodiversity and they have recently bough land near Dundry that is certified organic so we expect to have certified organic salad in the summer. We have been very happy long-term customers and, in a pre-cursor of our food hub plans we had one of Humphrey’s ‘Salad Drop’ fridges beside our garage for a few years. We hope to have some of their veg available through the food hub soon too.

Produce summary

Mixed Salad Bags - 150g bags

Trealy Farm Charcuterie

We got to know James from Trealy Farm Charcuterie through farmers markets and food festivals in Bristol and have always loved his products. Starting in 2004 James pioneered the production of air-dried charcuterie and other meat products in the UK. He was very much driven by the traditional peasant concept of charcuterie as an everyday food and ingredient; something for all, and something affordable to all. Their ethos is that no part of the pig is wasted; true nose-to-tail eating. All the meat used is exclusively British and they specialise in using traditional breed meats raised on smaller UK farms or wild-sourced. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has accorded them with the accolade of “best artisan charcuterie in the UK”. Their amazing range includes air-dried, fermented, hot-smoked and cured meat products made without allergens or nitrates. We are starting by selling four of his products but will add more in time.

Produce summary

Monmouthshire Air-Dried Ham - 60g pack, sliced

Mexican-Style Huetamo Chili Chorizo - 70g pack, sliced

Fennel Salami - 70g pack, sliced

Spicy Sobrasada/N’Duja - 100g

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