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Organic Lamb

All our lamb comes directly from Stream Farm, an organic farm situated in a hidden valley high up in the Quantocks in Somerset. We know the farm well because we were farming there oursleves not long ago!

Focused on organic, regenerative farming practices the farm is not only raising healthy livestock, protecting biodiversity, building healthy soils and sequestering carbon, but also providing livelihoods, dignity and enjoyment for new entrants to farming.

Choose an organic lamb box for the maximum value. Because you are buying in bulk it is helping you get the best quality organic meat at similar to  supermarket "value range" prices... You don't need a huge amount of freezer space either as it packs in very neatly.

Box of Organic Pedigree Hampshire Down Lamb
Picture of Box of Organic Pedigree Hampshire Down Lamb
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Organic Pedigree Lamb Boxes contain a leg of lamb, shoulder of lamb, rack of lamb, rolled breast of lamb, neck of lamb and chump and loin chops.

The weight shown is approximate and we will adjust your bill with the exact figure after delivery. 



  • Somerset
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