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Since I was a boy visiting my grandparents’ mixed organic farm, I have been fascinated by farms, farmers, the food they produce and how it gets to the people who eat and drink it. As a university student, I learned about the growing injustice and ecological devastation of the industrial farming approach which is sweeping the world, and I became a passionate advocate of the small-scale, usually organic, traditional farm. I devoured Wendell Berry’s books and delighted in E.F. Schumacher’s ‘Small is Beautiful’. In London, I worked for a small charity which brings Hope into the lives of people struggling with poverty by building relationships. Following that, I set up a community food growing project on a council estate which aimed to re-build the relationship between people in the heart of the city and the food they ate.

When Pip and I moved to Bristol, we were keen to be part of the exciting food initiatives going on here and play a part in transforming the food economy by helping city-dwellers avoid the pernicious reach of powerful supermarkets, while simultaneously supporting local farmers.  We knew the inspiring folk at Stream Farm and it seemed a natural step to work with them to help build a route to market for the produce in Bristol. After a few years, it became clear we needed to learn the ropes on the farm itself, so we moved there as share-farmers for a couple of years to take on the various businesses (from chickens to apple juice) - and learned a tremendous amount!

Since being back in Bristol, with a brood of three young children, we started Jubilee Food Hub as a way to play our part again in building the relationships between farmers/bakers/cheesemakers/coffee roasters/etc and the people who eat their delicious produce. 

Why Jubilee?

The Year of Jubilee was the year in ancient Israel when debts were forgiven, slaves freed and land rested - it was effectively a reset button on ancient agri-power dynamics that protected the family-farm based agrarian economy, which was the mainstay of society in those days. It was what the prophet Isaiah, and then Jesus himself, called ‘the year of the Lord’s favour’. It is also a practice that has inspired people throughout history in the pursuit of an ecologically and socially-just world, and it has certainly inspired us! We hope our food hub will help in some way to bring about a more just, diverse, relational food economy: one that cares for animals, nurtures the soil, and champions our hard-working farmers while also making it easier for people in the city to get access to their delicious produce.

Jubilee Food Hub aims to offer the finest local, organic produce from the best farmers and producers. Hopefully in doing this, we can shift a little of the power away from distant supermarket shareholders into the hands of local people.

Thanks for reading and I hope we can bring you something delicious soon! 

Will Campbell-Clause

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